Mothers’ Day

Mother, The only woman that won’t think of divorcing her children The only woman who stood by you when you couldn’t help yourself Those days you crawl around unaware of danger and deathtraps Those days when sickness won’t let you sleep Mother is that woman making these sacrifices Wife, The only woman who deals with... Continue Reading →

The choice is mine

I was told to sit there and wait Yet, I see it, the good things come my way Despite the sea heat adversaries A new seat was served cos I deserve it Better late than never Every dog has its day Every tide has its ebb Yea, hunger is the best sauce Now, I am... Continue Reading →

Figure it out

Like a juice mill I grind her juice out I put some ice on it Made her cream the Ice Cream Giving her a reason to scream She’s got a portable fine ass My fine art skill she propels I mean where do I start from? Won’t want to alter any fig in this portrait... Continue Reading →

Cut your coat

I’ll tell you to make hay while the sun shines Cos lost time is never found And none but the brave deserve the fair Hence, choose friends wisely A friend in need is a friend indeed Don’t settle for robbing Peter to pay Paul Yea, great minds think alike Like birds of the same feather... Continue Reading →

Lock, Stock and Barrel

Find a woman that loves you Make sure she’s good at her game Smartass with unbridled banter Who is not a greenhorn on this matter But with green-eyed monster guides you Find a woman that you get along with One that won’t bite your head off One that appreciates a storm in a teacup Not... Continue Reading →

Fear not feared

FEAR NOT FAIR – A certain trip into uncertainty Where you are lost; of words and actions You lose your mind and breathe almost at once At a time when your life depends on it FEAR AN ANTIDOTE OF PRIDE A substance of things hoped for Once tiptoed into the heart Creates a world of... Continue Reading →

Not all birds are good with height

The surest way to make an exploit in life is not about comparing your abilities with others or competing for material acquisition. The surest way to a long lifetime of exploit is staying true to your hustle and level. Not all birds are good with height, but there is no bird without special abilities.Not all... Continue Reading →

The smart way to live life

The smart way to live life is not as demanding as I thought it would. More often than not, life seems a little bit complex, and knowing all is quite a task. This is where learning comes in place. An African proverb says, “If you want wisdom, sit with the wise. For through this, their... Continue Reading →

The new normal is coming, are you prepared?

A time is coming when all the things you know won’t be relevant no more; a time when your known-skills, business style and winning attitude will become outdated and unyielding. Believe me, this is not some kind of prophecy. It is one of the sour truths many will never want to hear. ‘Change is constant.’... Continue Reading →

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