A Black Man’s Adventure


Up and down the memory line

with all the strength it got

struggling to be the very best

in a lonely world of another man.

A black man’s adventure

all 2ru the front and back book

his sweat and pain

on the path way of slavery

leaving behind his sweet love and home

his culture washed off him 2ru the sea


Turned solid by the extreme cold

and melted by the heat of labor

the labor of our Heroes past

on the field of hard work and diligence

by their masters’ whip

do they struggle to hold back

tears and pain

which made them stronger and mightier


A black man

gone all around the world

in whose sweat thousands of nation’s civilization were built

continued even unto death

just to make sure their children

you and I

would not have to say yes master

and bow down to some

proud and arrogant skinned person.

The adventure of a black man

is the civilization of the whole world.


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