Take What I Have, Not What I Am


They can take what you have but you must not allow them take what you are. Are you wondering why? Perhaps, you don’t get the difference.
If they take what you are, then you are totally finished. You know why?
What you are is what gave you what you have. Once what you are is stolen from you, what you have is bound to finish and when it does, you can’t get another because you are no longer in the capacity to do so.
But what happens if they take what you have?
Remember, you made it this far because of what you are. Since you are still what you are, you can always get what you deserve and desire according to your capacity which is what you are.
Just relax, everything will come back to shape.
Have you seen a business man whose business got burnt and couldn’t rebuild? He lost both in the fire.
What you are and what you have are two different issues. It is like asking you who are you? and what are you? Who you are is the societal importance and achievements that you have bagged and what you are is the power, energy and synergy behind what you have achieved.
I wouldn’t have to tell you who and what you are, you know much better. What I want you to know is this, no matter the struggle, challenges, ill experiences, failures, ups and downs, rejection, or theft that surrounds your life, don’t let it temper with what you are.
I might have failed, fallen, lost some good things and time; I might not have all my wants, I might not look like the best to you, yet. This is what I am; I am unique, special, distinctive, gifted, exceptional, incomparable and remarkably amazing. This is what I am, what are you?

Written by: Victor. I Eshameh
President, Giftedminds Writers Firm
© 2017 Victor Eshameh


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