An Introduction To On Tenterhooks

I know that I also wrote ‘Melancholy: A Poetic Memoir’, but this is different.

Hello everyone, this is love-life.

My name is Victor Eshameh, and I am the author of ‘On Tenterhooks’ as well as the poetry collection ‘Melancholy’ available through this platform and other booksellers.

‘On Tenterhooks’ is a collection of love story I started gathering since 2011. This collection is deeply personal. No character was forged and no action was diluted. And therefore, it is in sense of expression and creativity authentic.

It is much easier not to read the lines of this collection than to read it.
Because what you find in here might melt your heart away. ‘On Tenterhooks was created for this. It tells the story of life and love from
the scratch through the kismet journey of an adolescent.

With 11 contents, ‘On Tenterhooks’ covers love life situations and life without love hurdles. ‘On Tenterhooks’ also come with extras (4
additional poems) to reawaken your thought mind as you anticipate for yet another book from me, ‘Somewhere Around the Corner’.

Let’s just say, ‘On Tenterhooks’ is a forerunner of something BIGGER coming; a prologue of an upcoming love story series ‘Somewhere
Around the Corner.


The book is out today and available right here Please place your order right now.


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