Give Me A Chance

Hey love . How’s your day doing?

My name is Victor Eshameh, the author of Melancholy, On Tenterhooks and coauthor of Midnight Flurry.

Before you disregard me like spam. I am a new author who is trying to gain new readers. My first book came out on April and currently I have three other books available on the internet. I am working on other books.

I want build my fan base and reader base . I’m putting in works just to get my name out there. I am seeking great reviews for my books. I promise you won’t regret reading any of my chapbooks. I seek you willingly give me the opportunity to wow you as a new author.
I urge you to read and review my book please. I will appreciate it with so much love.

My Books Are Available In The Following Stores:

Amazon Readers

Discount Purchase

Thank you again for giving me a chance. ❤️❤️❤️

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