The Power Within You, You Never Knew Existed.

If you don’t think alike, you can’t look alike. For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

So if 50 people start thinking alike, they are all bound to look alike.
There is a bond thicker than water, it is not blood, but thought.

Your thoughts have power over you. It decides what you want, what you do and how you achieve it.

Your thoughts takes charge of your mentality. It decides and describe how people view you as a person. It is often said, if you want to know how sweet or sour a man is, check the contents of his heart. Obviously, the contents of your heart are your thoughts.

Your thoughts also affects your impact, which determines your success. This is why we hear people ask themselves when things go wrong or at the virge of a breakdown or breakup, “Am I really thinking straight?”

Your thoughts feeds your actions. This is why they say, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”.

Here is my endnote:

The power within you is your thoughts. I have often heard that whatsoever you can’t perceive, you can’t receive. Others have said, what you don’t picture, you can’t feature.

The Genesis of creativity and innovation is the capacity of your thought bank. An empty thought bank is the set limit for foolishness and nothing else.

How can you revitalize your thought bank in case it has been knocked out of duty?

How can you empower your thought bank in case it has been demoralised?

How can you put to effective use your thought bank for maximum productivity?

Watch out for my lifting book titled; “LifeGuide”. Coming out in December.


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