Help is not coming

If you need money, don’t just sit around. Go out there and make it.

I’m sorry, you might not like me after hearing this. But the truth is, help is never coming. Here is another truth, everyone needs help. No one is going to have the time to help you, because everyone is busy trying to help himself.

I’m sorry, but I have to add this. The days when the patient dogs eat the fat bones are over.

Wake up! Help is not coming.

(This is just a short charge. I need you to understand that there are tough times and only tough people beats tough times. If you continue to wait for help – you might never get started.)


6 thoughts on “Help is not coming

  1. Natalya Edwards says:

    That reminds me of the whole thing about ‘fate’. I used to believe that things were meant to happen. As I’ve gotten older and (somewhat) wiser, I’ve learnt that you have to forge your own path in life. If you really want something then you have to go and get it!

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      1. Victor Eshameh says:

        This is definitely coming from a deep thought I would guess. But I think I do believe in destiny. Often times, we have the capacity to decide what we want of life regardless of what destiny has in store. Would you like to share your reasons about fate?


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